November 30, 2015

This Guy Hired Someone to Slap Him in the Face Every Time He Got on Facebook

Now folks let’s be honest here, how many of you would like to get paid to slap somebody? I’ll be the first one in line (because I saw this article before you..) to apply for such a job.


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A Vivian Giang from BUSINESS INSIDER via Yahoo Finance slapped this article together ( Click here for the original version). True to my way of reporting things, here is his full although very very short) un-cut article:


Sethi about to be smacked by his paid “slapper.” It’s easy to get off track when you work on the computer all day.

Maneesh Sethi wrote on his blog that he hired a “slapper” to smack him in the face whenever he logged onto Facebook and this increased his productivity by four times.

In his experiment, Sethi used an app called RescueTime, which measures how much time you spend on each web site and the results showed that he spent approximately 29 hours of his time on Reddit and Facebook chat during the week.

So he posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a slapper, who would be paid $8 an hour.

Sethi’s average productivity instantly increased by 98 percent.

In his post, he wrote that it wasn’t “the fear of the slap” that was the productivity driver, but rather the social element that someone was around who encouraged him to focus and was available whenever he needed a brainstorming companion.

“I found that speaking out loud and trying to explain your work to someone else actually helped me to understand what I was trying to say, what I was trying to do,” Sethi said. “Even when [the slapper] didn’t know the best way, she would ask me questions—and that helped shape my path.

Larry(im back)…So the key poin here is to recognize that you need to focus on your business, and if you lose that focus; what will it take to bring it back? Some need a slap is the face, cold water in the face, a blast of fresh air, a musical beat..etc. The idea is to do whatever I takes to keep you focus, because its that important to your business, you, family and your loved ones.

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